It's the show everyone's talking about, the show that turns ordinary women into Porn Stars! You've seen the cable version - now see what they can't show you on television. The actual XXX videos showcased on "Make Me A Porn Star" are available right here. See Mini go down . . . and then break down. See the wild girls of Lexcaliber Films descend on an unsuspecting mountain town. See spoiled rich bitch Liz Porter stick it to her ex-husband. See Jake Sweet groom the heir apparent to Jenna Jamison. See it all . . . uncensored, uncut, unbelievable!


Season One

Mini's First Time
The Porn Again Christians
The Eleven Year Itch
School's Out
The Real Jake Sweet
Zyra Allison's First Time
The Rich Bitch
Trailer Park Porn
The Private Dancer
Bright Lights, Big Titties
The Life of Simon

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