He was hitting it out of the park and all Matt Adore could do was say, 'Ole!'...
Nikki Silver is a former exotic dancer who gave up the stage for a sewing machine. She now designs costumes for the girls she used to dance with. "It’s a lucrative business. A feature dancer can spend tens of thousands of dollars on her costumes." ffffffffffffffffffffff   But Nikki misses the spotlight and decides to do an adult video. "I've always been very open-minded so I don't think I'll have any trouble." The pair of male performers in her first scene agree whole-heartedly.
Nikki Silver is an even bigger porn fan than you are and one starlet in particular inspired her to make her very own video. "The first time I saw a Jenna Jamison video I was hooked" the seamstress ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff   says. "I decided right then and there I'd be in an adult video some day." Like her hero, Nikki takes on all cummers in a variety of twisted scenes that leave her breathless... and sticky.
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