It's too bad his first scene lasted less time than his song on American Idol...
Candi is a Russian beauty who loves to dance. She also loves to draw. And suntan topless. But she doesn’t love sex and that causes problems for adult video producer Vicki England and director Tal Benson. "I don't ffffffffffffffffffffff   know what the fuck that was," Tal complains after a disastrous scene. "I can tell you this, she doesn't like cock. Maybe we can shoot a dyke video with her - she seems to like the taco more than the bananna."
Candi describes herself as 'tri-sexual' because she'll try anything once but when her boyfriend spews in her mouth she says it tastes like wonton soup - and she fucking hates wonton soup! From there it's all down ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff   hill for director Tal Benson and crew but the guys seem to love her. When Travis Roberts shoots in record time he laments, "She’s too much woman, man!" You be the judge...
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Candi recommends these for "taco fans"
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