Maybe Paul and Stephanie will invite me over and we can have a big sex thing...
Stephanie is a 19 year old Menonite. Paul is a 34 year old ex-con. Despite their families objections, the pair are trying to make a life for themselves and 4 month old son, Ricky. "We decided to do the video for the money," Paul admits. "I hope Ricky fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff   can forgive us." The couple live in a trailer and hope porn will change their fortunes. Neighbors are rooting for the couple and hope their success will have a trickle down effect on the run-down trailer park.
Paul was incarcerated for 16 years and learned everything he knows about sex in the joint. It shows as he fucks teen wife Stephanie’s poor ass raw. Stephanie and Paul are joined by 5 other couples ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff   including the angelic Taylor Fox, cock-hungry Kianna Paradise, Constance Titilee, Cara Lane and Sammy, who’s lithe body was ripped right out of a wet dream.
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