She called me on her eighteenth birthday and begged me to put her in a video...
Jake Sweet is one of the most hardcore pornographers in the world. He’s also a heckuva nice guy. "I make sick, sick videos, I'm the first to admit it. But I don't force anyone to watch them. I'm just a guy earning a living, same as anyone else." His latest find is 21 year old Barbi Hardcore, fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff   an archtypical porn starlet. "Barbi is perfect," Jake says. "Fake from her toes to the top of her head. I love it!" When Vicki shows up with 18 year old Zyra Allison in tow, Jake agrees to let the girl watch a hardcore scene so she can decide if she wants to do a video herself.
Jake Sweet a nice guy? You wouldn’t know it watching him work over 18 year old Zyra Allison in her first ever video. Jake bends her nubile body this way and that, fucking her pussy and throat raw before filling her mouth ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff   with cum.fffffffffffMost girls would have quit after the rough treatment she got from Jake but not Zyra. She went on to fuck and suck every guy we threw at her before taking a facial in a Camaro you’ve got to see to believe.
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