It was almost a gross feeling. That wasn't a match...
Diane is a single mother with fond memories of her youth. When she was 20 she posed nude for a web-site and describes the experience as one of the best of her life. Now 31, she is eager to try it again. 11 years is a long time, however, and the industry is more hardcore fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff   than she remembers. Geoff and Vicki help her make the transition and she opts to do an xxx scene with a male performer she’s never laid eyes on before. Hoping for a Brad Pitt look-alike, she is disappointed when her co-star looks more like John Goodman.
Mike Cooper is as skilled at talking beautiful first-timers out of their clothes as anyone in the business. He proves this in "Mike Cooper’s First Timers Vol. 1" with a bevy of exotic beauties who can’t wait to suck his cock and spread their wet pussy lips for him. Highlights fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff   include a hot girl/girl scene with Brooke Lynn and Tayva, sexy stripper Nottyea and facials with Breanna and Kori Kai! Plus, see the scene with Brianna that Vicki shows Diane in the episode (sadly, Diane decided the industry wasn’t for her).
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